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Reporter recently learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Dongguan police in the fight against malicious wage arrears escaping special action started in August this year in the city, as of now, the economy has been detected contract fraud cases 4, arrested 12 suspects. at the Spring Festival approaching, businesses on the topic will be re filed, such as "a surprise clearing arrears of wages XXXX yuan" and "biaogong" reports also repeatedly reported. Although in recent years this phenomenon as usual "eye", but the problem of wage arrears is still a hot issue, dare to rush into danger of arrears on migrant workers wages are still unable to get the money T Cheap foamposites for sale here are plenty of people who, over the years many migrant workers still. and in this special economic environment, malicious arrears escape phenomenon once again attracted the attention of the whole society. Disappeared between Jun factory overnight, in order to maintain social stability, while the government actively help the workers to solve the problem of unemployment, but also paid 24 million yuan of wages. The government pays the wages of the workers, although it manifests the a responsibility of the government, the most basic survival rights of workers, but this is only in the situation of rational, but no legal basis, is not a permanent solution. More boldly predicted that, then there may be individual businesses on the grounds of mismanagement declared bankruptcy, in order to escape debt. Under such circumstances, what should the government do? in my opinion, some companies owed wages as a "business strategy", put on vide cheap foamposites otape as "investment strategy" this phenomenon, the key lies in the imperfect laws, regulation is not in place. Due to the default behavior of sanctions against the lack of a clear legal basis, or even if there is a basis for a variety of reasons lead to inadequate measures, so the boss can not form a deterrent. In illegal traders view, he owed in arrears, but also in arrears, who can not take him, this year after the chase is really tight, and reluctantly fulfilled part of the next year, then dragged. Do not drag the announced to go bankrupt, even to a "disappeared",. the full payment of workers' wages is the cornerstone of the healthy functioning of the socialist labour market. It is not only the laborers, but also the duty of the governments at all levels, especially the labor departments, to pay the corresponding remuneration to those who work. In 2006, the city of Shenzhen against the malicious "Laolai" resorted to a group of beautifu Retro jordans for sale l "combined": one is "administrative judicial linkage crackdown malicious wages", "two" system used to cut the margin underpinning "default root", three is "high fines, on the blacklist for illegal)The amount of up to $700 million of the EU anti-dumping lawsuit with the EU has recently launched the "sunset" (that is, in the administrative review, products of anti-dumping taxes after the expiration of the period is also called "expiry review") without huashangjuhao. China's Ministry of Commerce attaches great importance to this lawsuit, and calls on the three big shoe-making bases in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian to go all out to review the sunset review, and strive for the abolition of the 16.5% anti-dumping duty. "EU anti-dumping shoes products union secretary general, Guangdong Wanbang shoe company spokesman Guo Weiwen yesterday told the" First Financial Daily ", Guangdong shoe enterprises are preparing for the review materials, as for the l Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale awsuit the final outcome is still difficult to judge, but will strive to win this lawsuit. The main "Abolishing anti-dumping tax" for the purpose of "no damage to the defense" as the starting point. The investigation organ take sampling procedures, this month 20 days before the companies involved submit sampling table at the beginning of November, the European Commission will publish the sample enterprises selected enterprises to enter the written defense program, this process for 37 days. AOKANGNike Dunk Low SB "Pink Box" classic engraved fresh sale 2016-11-14 12:12:19 Nike in 2005 when the "Pink Box" in the shoebox, pink with black Swoosh Logo is known as the most stylish shoe box, and Nike will also be Nike Dunk Low SB to pay tribute. Nike Dunk Low SB "Pink Box" also with pink as the main tune with black Swoosh Logo, features in addition to the shoes of the heel of the shoe box embossed logo, the whole pink shoes are reflective material Cheap foamposites for sale s. Each tide brand in recent years have launched Pink or DirtyPink color products, and the color of this pair of shoes has such a story background, seems to be more than not buy. It is reported that the shoes will be on shelves in November 25th, like friends may wish to pay attention to. Sina micro-blog company introduces cooperation brand and contact us copyright declaration Beijing City Seth Times Media Culture Co. Ltd Copyright? 2017 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. 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Recently, combination of fashion and sports industry, more and more common, and more and more popular in the world of fashion, "CROSS OVER" is currently the most fashionable circle HOT term, NIKE said sports leisure and life is very relevant, in addition to the actual function but also need to pay attention to appearance, through cooperation in other areas, more caught in this field and non ethnic groups, NIKE and Wakubo Rei SUPERFLY to wipe out the spark, in 2001, Wakubo Rei NIKE cooperation with Japan one of the top three designers launched a shoe, the shoe called "knife shoes", but this was again the last quarter of 2000 launch of the gray / Red Suede style, Wakubo Rei change the color, let the fans are introduced by the town. NIKE and Roetaar to launch a 2003 exclusive summer basketball equipment, designed a series of Asian Basketball fighting potential warfare exclusive accessories, will combine the basketball and graffiti writing, "basketball style flow", and promote the creation of a unique Asian style of play. This week the market hot shoes shoes will be the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Chicago", although the shoes in all the details are basically follow the first design, the specific way and will remain the same even the sale of yuan. But we got 85 yuan, 94 engraved version, and will be on Saturday with the contrast version to meet you, some of the details will vary, for example, the Nike Air insoles tongue color and the latest version of the no, you may wish to refer to their own comparison. 0.jpg (176.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-26 15:05 upload