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We discovered yesterday this pair of Jordan Spizike "Poison Green" today once again discovered new details of the physical map, simple and fresh color, let us feel the breath of summer, if you want to highlight its presence, a hit the color of pants is very important, believe many sneaker summer is preferred it is reported that the shoes in June 24th will be fully available for sale item for 315371-132, interested friends may wish to look at.Ewing Athletics also recently launched a joint cooperation with many brands, including from the famous Japanese atmos store is one of them, this time the two sides to choose brand's classic 33 High based on the selection of materials, blue suede shoes make whole white outline details of contour lines, using a little ink in the bottom point of embellishment, the whole perfect retro outline shoes. It is reported that the shoes will be landed in December 20th, designated shops Limited sales, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.Today the most heavy Sneaker headlines than the Louis Vuitton men's creative director Kim Jones first announced in the personal Instagram and NikeLab that the shoe joint. This is a ripple on the foot shot picture of another Kim Jones x NikeLab Air Zoom LWP and the exposure of the network. This selection was born in 1995 in Air Zoom LWP retro running shoes fo Cheap air jordans for sale r the design blueprint, and to present one shoe body design, and a lightweight breathable mesh composed of shoe body, finally put on the shoes with KIM in JONES embroidery highlight special status. nikelab-kim-jones-air-zoom-lwp-03.jpg (425.34 KB, download number: 3) download Kim Jones x NikeLab luxury landmark Air Zoom LWP 2016-6-23 20:04 upload nikelab-kim-jones-air-zoom-lwp-01.jpg (391.66 KB, download number: 3) download Kim Jones x NikeLab luxury landmark Air Zoom LWP 2016-6-23 20:04 upload nikelab-kim-jones-air-zoom-lwp-02.jpg (405.48 KB, download number: 2) download Kim Jones x NikeLab luxury landmark Air Zoom LWP 2016-6-23 20:04 upload nikelab-kim-jones-air-zoom-lwp-04.jpg (292.33 KB, download number: 2) download Kim Jones x NikeLab luxury landmark Air Zoom LWP 2016-6-23 20:04 upload 00 with the function of shoes has gradually become the hotspot of consumption, many Wenzhou shoe manufacturers see the high profit function of the sole function of the sole production, have to test the water, but for various reasons, currently the sole in the market is only sporadic. Wenzhou River Bridge shoe market outlets Luyao sole store, the beach shoes breathable soles and cushioning soles, the price of 10.5 yuan to 17 yuan, mainly in the soft texture of the material is TR, the other is TPR and rubber. Cheap jordans online sole production enterprises to reflect the functional sole mass did not appear on the market, because only some large enterprises producing functional shoes, two is the complicated manufacturing process, operation difficulty is far greater than the ordinary soles, such as air cushion type shock absorbing sole, the sole mould production needs two quarter moreover, independently complete the pretreatment process, and then pressed together by high temperature, the scrap rate is about 20%. Such a large waste of raw materials, deter many shoe factory, unless the shoe-making enterprises active site customized shoe factory to design sample orders, provide according to the customer, follow suit. it is understood that the shock absorbing sole structure on Wenzhou market at present appear biased simple type, and no contact impact airbag, ease the foot and the sole ground, but a note clearing dug in the sole, with appropriate substitution module. The key technology is how to waterproof breathable soles, and the shoe odor discharge, keep the shoe cavity air circulation, dry environment, this part of the work done by the designer shoes, compared to the former, the permeability of the sole production task is relatively simple. (Editor: admin)Fan: often commissioning editor date: 2015-9-22 HD: PEAK speed Eagle three generation inspire Cheap foamposites for sale d by the F-22 Raptor Product Name: Super Eagle three generation product English Name: PEAK SORING III series of products: professional basketball series package: carbon fiber pad official number E53311A official release color: Blue / Blue brother Robin. Heaven; powder / Black / black powder; hot; silver / red; black official price: 569 yuan the official release date: July 5, 2015[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] According to reports, because of the thickness of the non-compliance of the outsole, Nike shoes, a women's sports culture has recently been identified as substandard products quality supervision departments. Yesterday, the Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Inspection Corps According to consumer reports, in a Nike store Daning seasonal promotions, found substandard models and lots are still selling sneakers. textile fabric shoes of product quality supervision and inspection results Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau announced the end of the show, the city has 30% spot check product quality problems, including the ME & amp; CITY, Nike and other brands. Substandard products, Nike a leisurely No. 434173-500, production date for the women's sport culture footwear 5 July 2011 by the test outsole thickness does not meet the standard requirements. Nike Daning seasonal promotions shop reporter saw this problem sh cheap foamposites oe is shown in the top shelves, priced at 349 yuan. Currently, Nike Daning seasonal promotions shops have a variety of problems, including shoes sneakers under the shelf, quality supervision departments are similar products on store 3 sampling inspection. As of 16:00 yesterday, the three models are sampling in the sample suspected of substandard quality (2), including the quality supervision department had been notified of the products in question. Quality supervision department said it would combine the checks, the quality of Nike's sales of substandard products behavior seriously. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)NBA star girlfriend the vast majority are breast Qiaotun, glamorous, now playoffs was raging, in addition to the pitch of PK, we have to Bibi star girlfriend (referring to his girlfriend, wife, gossip girl), members of the reader might judge who the most beautiful sexy. 1, harden the latest gossip girl Eminem wave - Ross backing is not small, her ex boyfriend every loud reputation, which is including the WizKhalifa "speed and passion" 7 theme song to sing. 2, West Kanye has also been the Minister of her dress. 3, this is indeed a big and fat buttock, harden hardcore. 4, before Parsons denied that he had a girlfriend, but he still took the paparazzi and Kendall - Jenn Retro jordans for sale a dating photos. 5, Jenna is no pushovers, King Kardashian's half sister. 6, Jenna tall, is a host, model. 7, after the media exposed material clay Thompson to cheat, to see his girlfriend. - nenmo Hannah - stocking, such beauty, isn't it enough? 8, the typical American beauty, the body is good to explode. 9, a lot of players love energy-saving, Thompson is no exception. 10, Griffin's girlfriend is like a revolving door, turn off, with our model. 11, as well as the intellectual route. 12, the University of California and former basketball player, you don't know what a love? 13, Duncan's new girlfriend's love goes on television. 14, show our hot body is a must, 15, Barkley and the war of words quite eye-catching, but the dull wit presumably can handle her! 16 Huo Fude, the glamorous wife is Miss Universe, which is the 360 degree dead beauty. 17, Haoru Horford is absolutely ready, and beauty and the geek. 18, to be able to marry such a wife, almost all men's dreams, life is really the winner. 19, Le Fu's girlfriend is a member of the former UCLA cheer. 20, the year is a campus Belle class characters, is Le Fu First come, first served. 21, Erwin's girlfriend loves the self timer, this self time characteristic is particularly prominent! Adidas, founder of Adidas - there is a Mr. Dassler really famous -- "let the athletes through the Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale use of our products to achieve better results." Adidas Equipment series sports shoes, which are designed and developed strictly in accordance with this concept, fully reflect the spirit of sports professionalism. Its style is very simple, from color matching to design language. The design of the three bars extending from the side to the bottom of the shoe and the unified uniform vamp color match enable consumers to identify the adidas classic professional sports series at the first time. in the fall of 2010, Adidas launched a new EQT 10. This pair of running shoes has continued the Equipment series consistent style in the design, at the same time, integrates the newest technology and material in the classic sports shoes design appearance. In the upper material, EQT 10 with modern fabrics; in the bottom part of the implant stability and unique heel cushioning system FORMOTION technology, and the position of the Equipment before running shoes cushioning rubber position echoes, but it improves the performance is self-evident. may Adidas EQT 10 running shoes is not a star Adidas product line of the most dazzling, but it certainly is a perfect interpretation of Adidas -- - Mr. Dassler belief to let players through the use of our products to achieve better results. Adidas EQT 10 new color matching will be on the market in January 2012, which is recommended for RMB 780 yuan. (responsible editor: Locke) although Nike has released countless sports shoes, almost every week there are new shoes coming out everywhere, but one of them is still classic and continuously innovating after the passage of time, it is Nike Air Force. Air Force (now called Air Force 1), designed by Bruce Kilgore, has been imprinted on people's minds since it was launched in 1982, and it is very impressive whether it's sports shoes or lovers. As the first basketball shoe with Nike Air technology, it paved the way for both athletic performance and cultural charm after the appearance of the shoes. root searching in hip-hop rap culture has not yet fully flourished, and has not yet played with the court and street basketball in the early 80s, Air Force 1 promoted the integration of two cultures. It not only took root in the United States, but also spread to countries in a wider and wider region, making it resonate. Air Force 1, after being passed to China and other countries, quickly occupies an important position in the hearts of consumers. Even far from the United States, the emerging hip-hop culture and basketball have also taken root in China as a cultural trend. integration into Chinese culture Nike entered the Chinese market in 1980. In the cultural development is quite fast in 80s, Nike appears to let people shine at the moment, we are fully attracted by the Nike shoes of creativity and innovation, the name "Nike" has gradually become a household name. Although today only a few people know this pair of low profile Air Force 1 is how to set off a boom in China cultural development, but if in 80s in Air Force 1 shuttle street, as with the "Nike" the fashion and trendy symbols bring an identity symbol of their own. With the basketball in China rise, and become one of the most popular sport in Chinese, Air Force 1 this pair by a number of famous international basketball players in playing basketball shoes become more popular, almost all the basketball loving people have the desire to have a pair of Air Force 1. Nike launched in the new year China zodiac series, also do not forget to put the shoes on the Air Force 1 some years (including the 2002 "horse", "2003 year", "2006 year" Air Force 1 "horse" and 2014 Lunar Force 1) and "Shen" Lunar Force 1 series now, these classic shoes can make people remember, also shows that the Air Force 1 is to arouse people's awareness of cultural creative shoes footwear originator concern. These endless creativity not only let Nike also allow Nike to become well-known, far and near, one of the most popular shoe brand. More than 30 years later, it is the best of the classic reengineering of the legend.The AIR The number of item: 378037-002 release date: December 19thNike LeBron X + Set crown jewel color limited edition release details 2013-12-08 22:32:49 Nike will launch this crown jewel color of the Nike LeBron X + package, estimated sale price of $ 270, Nike will use a limited manner on sale in North America, is now exposed for sale on this upcoming Nike LeBron X + suite of eight shops. are: Nike Town Las Vegas Nike Town New York Nike Town in Los Angeles Foot Locker House of Hoops store in Manhattan two shops Foot Locker House of Hoops store in Beverly Hills Foot Locker House of Hoops Illinois North Riverside Boli Square & nbsp; Foot Locker House of Hoops Miami butterfly Midlands shopping Center shop above-mentioned eight stores will be decided by drawing lots in the form of purchase rights, three NikeTown detailed information will be available for sale in the shop twitter correspondence for publication. Five Foot Locker House of Hoops stores are expected to decide to purchase rights in North Eastern Time September 21, 2012 Friday midday raffle tickets issued in advance. I wish the opportunity to participate friends far away, Nike whether the domestic sales of this Nike LeBron X + package is still no news, like friends, please continue to pay attention to us. & nbsp;